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2020 Draft Amendments to China’s Anti-Monopoly Law - 10 Key Changes
Commentary Article on the Proposed Amendments to China's Anti-Monopoly Law
Authors: Mr Michael Han, Partner at Fangda Partners, and others
Year published: 2020
"More than two years after talks of plans to revise China’s Anti-Monopoly Law ('AML'), the draft amendments to the AML ('Proposed Amendments') were finally released on 2 January 2020 for public consultation. This round of public consultation follows a review process over the past few years that involved feedback from local regulators and academics, amongst others. The National People’s Congress for 2018 identified AML reforms as a legislative priority, and we expect these Proposed Amendments to be subject to further review by various government agencies and the legislator before they are passed into law.

In this update, we identify the top 10 changes that will have the most significant impact on AML enforcement in the new decade ahead, if they are adopted. Although these amendments have not been finalized, they shed light on the antitrust regulator’s thinking in enforcing the AML going forward. All article references refer to the AML under the Proposed Amendments. The deadline for public comments is 31 January 2020 and can be submitted in accordance with these instructions (in Chinese)."