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Fair Competition Review System in China (公平竞争审查的制度推进)
(Available in Chinese only)
Competition Enforcers & Academics Summit, 1 - 2 August 2019
Authors: Prof YE Weiping
Year published: 2019
Prof Ye gives an overview of the Fair Competition Review System (FCRS) and its implementation in China. Starting from analyzing the necessity of introducing FCRS, Prof Ye comments that it is important for China to strengthen a unified national market and supplement the rule on combating abusing of administrative power stipulated in the Anti-Monopoly Law. Prof Ye briefly talks about the Detailed Implementation Rules, the Third-Party Review Guidelines and some typical contraventions identified when the FCRS was put into force. Prof Ye also brings up several suggestions on the FCRS implementation, including abolishing measures and policies which violate the FCRS, reviewing various industry policies adopted by national and local governments, as well as encouraging the use of third-party reviews.