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Domestic Countermeasures and International Coordination of Anti-monopoly in the Context of Economic Globalization (经济全球化背景下反垄断的国内因应和国际协调)
(Full article available in Chinese only)
Academics, No.12, 2017, p.5-22 (《学术界》,2017年第12期 ,第5-22页)
Year published: 2017
"Characterized by informatization, marketization and internationalization, economic globalization is irreversible in general trend, even if the process won’t run smoothly. Development of economic globalization affects antimonopoly or competition law and policy broadly and deeply. Domestically, antimonopoly needs to be adjusted concerning change of market structure, reduction of barrier to entry, expansion of enterprise scale and complexity of market behavior influenced by economic globalization, and extraterritorial application of antimonopoly law is prompted. Internationally, antimonopoly issue in international market is increasingly prominent and hard to be handled by single state, thus international coordination is correspondingly needed."