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The Republic of the Philippines Philippine Competition Commission
Situated in the Western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is formed by over 7,600 islands, making it the world’s fifth largest island country. It is also one of the most populated countries, with its some 10 million nationals living overseas making up one of the world’s largest diasporas. As an active participant in global affairs, the archipelagic country is a founding member of the United Nations, ...
Date Title
28 Jan 2020 Competition Law Nordic Stockholm — Sweden
06 Feb 2020 Antitrust Global Seminar Series Sydney — Australia
19 Feb 2020 13th International Cartel Workshop San Francisco — US
25 Feb 2020 OECD Workshop on Vertical Mergers and Vertical Restraints Paris — France
26 Feb 2020 OECD Competition Open Day 2020 Paris — France
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